ALS will start to promote Nikon Metrology in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nikon Metrology covers the full range of industrial and materials science microscopes from stereo to compound. Ms. Gwen Grafe,… Read more
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I remember applying to the MSSA conference on the insistence of my supervisor. I was reluctant to attend, since I was only in my honours year and I had never attended a conference before. I presented… Read more
ARC Ondestepoort has invested in a new JEOL 1400Plus Transmission Electron Microscope after many years of uninterrupted service on the JEOL 1200EX. Users have to get acquainted with running the new… Read more
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Wellington Tembani is an avid marathon runner. He has successfully completed 2 Comrades marathons, 5 Two Oceans, where he was a Silver Medallist, ran the Settlers Marathon (60km) between Grahamstown… Read more
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Building on the success of the PP3010T cryo-SEM/FIB/SEM preparation system, we are pleased to announce three new related products for ambient and cryo temperature transfer: PP3004 QuickLok ? an… Read more