New Quorum Technologies Products Launched

Image removed.Building on the success of the PP3010T cryo-SEM/FIB/SEM preparation system, we are pleased to announce three new related products for ambient and cryo temperature transfer:

PP3004 QuickLok ? an efficient and rapid way of transferring ambient temperature specimens into vacuum platforms such as an SEM, FIB/SEM or beamline. The QuickLok is designed to protect specimens that are sensitive to normal environmental conditions during transfer. The compact transfer device can be interfaced to a glove box for inert gas transfer or to allow transfer amongst a wide range of vacuum platforms.

PP3006 CoolLok ? uses the same exchange principles as the QuickLok, but will hold specimens at cryo conditions inside the SEM or FIB/SEM. At its heart is a highly efficient, vacuum isolated nitrogen gas cooling system which enables precise temperature control down to -190?C and typical runtimes of up to 24 hours between fills. A bespoke cold trap ensures that specimens remain frost-free during observation.

Specimen freezing is by contact with the microscope cold stage, or for rapid pre-freezing an optional liquid nitrogen slush freezer option is available.

PP3005 SEMCool ? a simple low-temperature cooling system designed for cryogenic applications where airlock exchange of specimens into the microscope is not required. The SEMCool offers cooling down to -190?C and runtimes of up 24 hours.

Like other Quorum Technologies products the QuickLok, CoolLok and SEMCool come with a generous three-year warranty.