ALS had a good showing at MSSA2013

The latest JEOL IT-300 Scanning Electron Microscope was presented at MSSA2013.  Ashvir Narrandes, Wits PhD student, is the most prestigious 2013 ?Most Promising Microscopist Award?. Ashvir will attend the IMC2014 conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Winner of the MSSA Most-Promising Microscopist Award, Ntombi Mathe (CSIR Nano) gives her experiences at EMAG2013.

I had the privilege of attending the EMAG 2013 conference held at the University of York, UK from the 02 ? 07 September 2013. The whole experience was sponsored by JEOL UK and ALS as an award for the Most Promising Microscopist at the MSSA 2012 conference. York is a beautiful town known as ?UK?s most beautiful city? with an equally beautiful university and of course the famous York Minster which I had the pleasure of touring on the final day of the conference.

The conference experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity where I got to meet and network with some of the world-renowned microscopist in the UK, Europe and Asia and see what new technology is on the market. On the first 2 days we attended courses on EELS, Aberration-corrected electron microscopy, TEM and STEM image simulation hosted by Super STEM. The conference was well attended, it was said to have the highest number of delegates for an EMAG conference. On the 3rd day of the conference I gave a poster presentation on EELS and TEM studies of microwave-irradiation synthesis of bimetallic platinum nanoparticles, which bought a lot of interesting questions from fellow delegates regarding the instruments we have in South Africa.

JEOL UK was also launching their new JSM-IT300 SEM ?ninja SEM? which believe me is black in colour and they are hoping to bring it to South Africa for the MSSA 2013 conference.

The conference was dedicated to Prof. Archie Howie who co-authored the Yellow Bible. He gave an interesting plenary lecture titled: Addressing Coulomb?s singularity, nanoparticle recoil and Johnson?s noise.

I am forever grateful to JEOL UK and ALS for the experience, MSSA committee for selecting me for the award, Prof. Mike Lee and Dr. Jaco Olivier for the use of their ARM and most importantly Prof. Neil Coville and Dr. Manfred Scriba for their continued support.