Advanced Laboratory Solutions partners with Analytical Solutions

For more than 16 years, Advanced Laboratory Solutions has been successful in various sectors of the laboratory equipment and supply business. As markets and customer demands change, it has become necessary for ALS to adjust their strategies to meet these demands.

ALS have always been seen to be the professionals in Materials Science. Our Life Sciences division has been the smallest part of our business. ALS has decided on a focus strategy and will be exiting the Life Sciences sector of our business.

ALS?s directors believe that streamlining the organization and focusing will allow us to grow our business substantially, removing the dilution that the Life Sciences division would have had. This change will also ensure that ALS improves their support to their valued customers.

Our current Life Science customer base should not feel that we are deserting them. ALS has partnered with Analytical Solutions ( who have serviced this market sector for many years. As of 1 July 2013, our products and staff for Life Sciences will join Analytical Solutions to ensure a smooth transition.

Our suppliers have come out strong in the support of our strategy and have embraced this partnership.