Oxide Suspensions

Akasel manufactures both Silica Oxide and Alumina Oxide suspensions. Both oxide products use our non crystalizing formulation.

Silica suspensions polish by a chemical-mechanical reaction. The sample surface is etched. The resulting layer is removed by the soft silica. The final surface is without deformation.

We have a wide selection of oxide suspensions for final polishing.

  • Colloidal and Fumed 
  • Grain sizes from 0.2 µm to 0.050 µm (200 to 50 nm)
  • Unique system to prevent crystal formation
  • Water-free suspensions

Akasel water-free version of the 0.2 µm fumed Silica is a unique product.

Alumina suspensions for final polishing have a higher removal rates than silica suspensions. It is possible to add etchants to increase removal rates.