Complete range

Our lubricants have an unmatched combination of removal rate and surface finish. We utilize a 2 phase system, with particle size in nano range. This allows for the lubricant to get in between the diamond and the sample, where the actual cutting is taking place.

Water based

Aka-Lube Clear+ with the thinnest lubricating film, used where material removal is most important.

Aka-Lube Green with a thin lubricating film, used where material removal in combination with finish is most important.

Aka-Lube Red has the thickest film and is used for final polishing where the finish is more important.

Aka-Lube Yellow ranges between the two and is used where Lubricant Green is too aggressive, or as a general Lubricant.

Water free

Aka-Lube Clear water free non flammable polymer based version of Aka-Lube Clear+. Very thin lubrication film.

Aka-Lube Blue traditional ethanol based lubricant with very thin lubrication film used for high removal or water-free preparation.

Aka-Lube Blue Concentrate is a non-hazardous concentrate that  is mixed with 99% Ethanol to make your own Aka-Lube Blue directly in you lab.