>150 HV <500 HV

Cut-off wheels for cutting materials harder than 150 HV and softer than 500 HV.
Also for cutting of surface hardened parts with a hardness up to 700 HV / 60 HRC.
Fiber reinforced wheel (except 9457) to reduce risk of wheel breakage.


Accessories for cutting include a cooling liquid and an anti foaming agent for recirculation units.

Correct cooling is essential for a good cutting result. Aka-Cool improves the cooling and lubricating ability of the water and acts as corrosion protection for both cut-off machine and sample material. It is free from amine and boric acid and has optimum skin compatibility and an extremely low allergy potential.

Foaming is a problem as it dramatically reduces the cooling effect of the cooling liquid. Aka-Foam eliminates foam and thus increases the cooling ability of the water.