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All aspects of the section process included in one machine. Let’s cut to the point.

As the only cut-off machine in its field, Magnutom-5000 can map out the most complex of section sequences and simulate all individual sections for you to validate. Magnutom-5000 is the largest machine in its field with four automated axes, as well as a rotary table, which enables a large variety of sectioning possibilities. The spacious 1000 mm wide cutting chamber and sliding front door make it possible to use a forklift or crane to load heavy samples. The motor is so powerful that you can install two cut-off wheels and make parallel sections. Easy cutting of the hardest workpieces.

  • •    Intuitive icon-based programming
  • •    Simulator function
  • •    AxioWash automatic cleaning
  • •    Automatic X and Rotary tables
  • •    Rotary movement


Fully automatic, high-volume sectioning in rough environments

If you visit some of the largest automotive materialographic facilities around the world, there is a good chance that you will come across the Axitom fully automatic cutting machine. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Axitom meets the very specific demands which the automotive industry makes regarding workpiece sizes, complex shapes, and serial cuts. A very large cutting chamber, automatic tables, and movement in X, Y, and Z directions allows for positioning, clamping, and sectioning of both large, complex, and irregular workpieces. Axitom is available in two models and multiple versions, and throughout this webpage the full-featured model is displayed. Get an overview of all versions at the bottom of this page.

  • •    Cutting capacity 125 x 290 mm
  • •    Fully automatic high-volume cutting machine
  • •    Cut-off wheel size 350 or 400 mm dia.
  • •    Strong motor and usage monitoring ensures high uptime
  • •    Spacious cutting chamber for large and irregular workpieces
  • •    Fully operational with working gloves for rough environments and industrial production
  • •    Automatic serial cutting reduces clamping, sectioning, and operator time
  • •    Advanced cutting modes ensure the perfect cut every time


Greater versatility and productivity in a single cut-off machine

Discotom-10 and Discotom-100 are versatile tabletop cut-off machines, designed to give you a cost-efficient opportunity to expand your cutting capabilities and streamline your cutting processes. Spacious, versatile, and easy to use, Discotom-100 and Discotom-10 deliver exceptional cutting flexibility, with more cutting options that let you clamp and cut all types of workpieces efficiently, with less effort and minimum deformation.

  • OptiFeed – intelligent feed control
  • AxioWash* (Automatic cleaning)
  • ExciCut for very hard materials
  • MultiCut (Serial cutting – results in a number of slices.)
  • Method Database
  • Cut-off wheel database


Fast manual cutting of any workpiece, large or small

Labotom is a simple-to-use and powerful table-top cutting machine that can handle a wide range of workpiece shapes, sizes, complexities and materials. Sturdy and reliable, it ensures maximum uptime and can be used by any operator to section workpieces quickly and efficiently, with minimal training. The fixed cooling nozzles improves cutting quality and reduces the risk of operator error.

  • Cutting capacity: 62 x 250 mm
  • Manual machine with simple 3-button control panel
  • Cut-off wheel size 250 mm or 350 mm dia.
  • Large cutting table
  • Smooth movement cutting handle for controlled sectioning
  • Integrated flushing gun


Precision cutting and grinding with a smart and intuitive user interface for higher productivity

The redesigned Accutom cut-off machines from Struers are optimized for precision and ease of use to give the user a head start in the drive for perfect specimens. Packed with easy-to-use functions, they enable world-class cutting precision with a minimum of effort. The Accutom-100 includes a MultiCut function for extra productivity, and a grinding mode with multiple bi-directional sweeps between steps to ensure perfect planeness.

  • High precision
  • Shorter cutting time
  • Higher productivity
  • Perfect planeness
  • Easy to learn and use
  • 75-150 mm diameter cut-off wheel size
  • 150 mm diameter cup wheel size (Accutom-100)


Advanced precision cutting machine with large capacity and application flexibility
The very first Secotom precision cutting machine was launched in 2001 and became an immediate success. Since then, thousands of Secotoms have left our production to serve laboratories worldwide. An intuitive user interface means that hardly any training is required. The optional automatic X-movement supersedes time-wasting re-positioning, and a movable T-slot table allows for sectioning a range of sizes and shapes. Secotom contains multiple additional features such as a laser light, an ExciCut mode for hard materials, and intelligent feed control.

  • Cutting capacity 50 x 165 mm.
  • Automatic precision cutting machine
  • Cut-off wheel size 75 – 203 mm dia.
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Ultra-flexible T-slot table for precision cutting
  • Automatic X-movement for cutting series
  • •Laser light for precise positioning


Small, automatic precision cutting machine for gentle sectioning of delicate workpieces

A small, low-speed, automatic precision cutting machine for sectioning delicate materialographic workpieces that can’t tolerate the heat generated by high-speed cutting. The gravity feed design allows for sectioning of various material types, with high accuracy and reproducibility. Minitom is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. The simple design means it only takes a few minutes to setup a cut, and the machine can be set to stop automatically once the cut is done, giving you more time to work on other tasks.

  • Workpieces up to 30 x 40 mm
  • High-precision tabletop machine
  • Low speed protects against heat deformation
  • Accuracy of +0.01 mm
  • 75-125 mm CBN and diamond cut-off wheels
Cutting Consumables

Cutting Consumables

Wide range of cutoff wheels for all types of materialographic preparations

Struers’ cut-off wheels are especially designed for Struers’ machines, including state-of-the-art abrasive wet cutting techniques. They have been specially developed for materialographic specimen preparation – producing specimens that are in perfect condition for the next preparation step.

You can use Struers’ comprehensive selection of cut-off wheels, saw blades and additives to handle virtually all cutting materials, and can do so without causing structural changes to the wheel or specimen due to overheating or deformation, ensuring a maximum life time of the wheels.

  • No structural changes
  • No overheating
  • No deformation

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