Opal 460

The OPAL 460 is a fully hydraulic, water cooled hot mounting press for mounting samples before polishing. The process sequence is executed automatically. The fully automatic sliding closure allows quick and easy opening/closing of the mould assembly. Mould assemblies can be exchanged quickly and without tools.

The robust aluminium construction is powder coated. With its solid construction and ATM hydraulic system, the operating noise of the machine is minimized. Our comprehensive selection of mould assemblies from Ø 25.2-50 mm and different pressure methods enable optimum mounting of your sample. Two mounts can be produced simultaneously with the use of a spacer.

The Opal 460 and 480 are available not only as single units but also as a bench standing unit. By integrating the mounting presses into our System, we produce a comfortable working height. Optionally, the SYSTEM-MOUNTING PRESS can be equipped with a closed cooling water system, so it becomes independent from any mains water supply. In addition, the water consumption is reduced to a single filling (6 litres). The system-mounting presses are available as twin- or triple powder-coated aluminum units and fit perfectly into our ATM System Lab.

Product Advantages

  • Easy to handle closure system
  • Fully automatic, electronic controlled
  • Simple operation via large LC display and optimized user interface
  • 18 programs to save with free configuration
  • 4 different modes for pressure to select
  • Automatic water cooling (with economy function)
  • Fully hydraulic pressure mode
  • Double mounting possible
  • Mould assembly easy to change
  • Solid aluminium case construction, powder coated
  • Also available as a system mounting press with closed cooling water system and comfortable working height


Mould assembly - Ø 25.2 - 50 mm (7 different sizes)
Closure system - slide closure
Thermostate range - 20-200°C
Heating time - adjustable
Cooling time - adjustable
Max. pressure in mould assembly depending on mould assembly's size - 250 bar
Connection power - 3.1 kVA
Heating power - 4x 500 W
W x H x D - 390 x 450 x 500 mm
Weight - ~ 61 kg