Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100

Analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

Our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 measures dynamic surface tension with high accuracy. It reliably analyses the mobility of surfactants, thus enabling high-speed processes such as spraying, coating, printing and cleaning to be optimized.

Tasks and applications

  • Surfactant development
  • Optimization of spray processes
  • Development of washing and cleaning processes
  • Optimization of painting and printing processes
  • Checking the surfactant content in galvanic baths and cleaning baths

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of surface tension as a function of surface age
  • Long-term measurement of surface tension at constant surface age
  • Determination of adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient
  • Calculation of the surface tension of the solvent and the equilibrium surface tension (extrapolation in accordance with Hua & Rosen)
  • Temperature control from -10 to 130 °C, temperature measurement with internal sensor