CEAST 9340 Drop Tower Impact System

The CEAST 9340 is a floor standing impact system designed to deliver 0.30 - 405 J (0.22 - 299 ft-lb) of energy. The standard model includes basic instrumentation and a conveniently mounted machine controller that enables the operator to run the tower and collect basic data. For more in-depth data, the CEAST impact software and data acquisition system can be added. The CEAST 9340 is suitable for a range of impact applications including tensile impact, penetration tests on plates and films, Izod, and Charpy tests.


  • Fully enclosed and interlocked test area
  • Various support fixtures enable users to test a wide range of specimens and components
  • Motorized crosshead positioning system
  • Changeable tups and inserts
  • Full set of weights to deliver a wide range of impact energies


  • ASTM D3763
  • ASTM D7136
  • ASTM D7192
  • Boeing BSS 7260
  • Airbus AITM 1.0010
  • ISO 6603
  • ISO 7765
  • ISO 11343