Glass Slides / Coverslips

A comprehensive range of high quality coverslips are available. The glass is subject to rigid quality processes to ensure flatness without impurities or defects. Coverslips are also available in various plastics, including Thermanox for cell studies. A range of labels and markers is also available.


A range of tools and accessories for dissection are available either as a kit in a canvas holdall or individually. These include scissors, forceps, needles, scalpels and a range of dissecting boards in various materials. Micropunches enable discreet sampling of specimens plus a selection of Brain matrices provide convenient yet precise slicing from brain tissue.

Eyepiece graticules

A wide range of eyepiece graticules is available in 16, 19 and 21 mm diameters enabling various measurements to be taken under the light microscope, other sizes are available on special request.