Diamond knives - DiATOME

Diamond knives supplied by Agar Scientific are manufactured from high purity, gem quality diamonds providing a sharp, durable edge for sectioning applications in biological and materials sciences. DiATOME diamond knives are available for a wide range of room and low temperature applications for TEM. Diamond knives have been designed to produce high quality sections from both hard and soft embedded specimens with minimal compression. For studies of biological and industrial materials diamond knives have become an essential tool.

Type Uses
Ultra 45° A hydrophilic cutting edge, allowing high quality ultrathin sections of epoxy resin embedded samples
Ultra 35° Low angle knife for reduced compression and better structure preservation
Histo The first diamond knife for cutting semithin sections for the examination under optical microscopes
Cryo For cutting in the cryo-ultramicrotome
Cryo immune A large diamond platform facilitating pick-up of cryo sections from sucrose infiltrated samples (Tokuyasu)
Cryo 25°  Low angle knife for sectioning frozen hydrated samples (CEMOVIS)
Ultra AFM & cryo AFM Knives for generating absolutely smooth and flat surfaces of biological and technical samples for the examination in AFM
Ultra sonic  The oscillating diamond knife for eliminating compression and allowing best structure preservation
Static Line Ionizer For eliminating electrostatic charging

Grid boxes

Agar Scientific offers a range of TEM grid boxes with numbered holes for up to 100 grids. Boxes have a low susceptibility to charging and available in rectangular or rotating design. Individual grids can be easily accessed whilst ensuring most of the stored grids are protected from accidental disturbance. Most boxes are designed to be securely stacked with other boxes.

Grids - Agar

Standard grade TEM grids are available in copper, nickel or gold, or in copper with one side flash coated with palladium for identification purposes. All grids are available in 3.05mm diameter and some in 2.3mm diameter. All Agar grids are packed in tubes of 100, unless otherwise specified. A comprehensive table of grid parameters is available on request.

  • Extensive range of grids for TEM applications
  • Square, hexagonal, rectangular, parallel, slot and round mesh shapes
  • Finder and folding grids
  • 50, 75, 150, 200, 300, 400, 600, 700, 1000, 1500 and 2000 mesh
  • Copper, nickel, gold, gilded and platinised
  • Special metals: aluminium, molybdenum, stainless steel and titanium

Support films - Holey Carbon

Holey carbon films have many uses in microscopy but for certain applications the mesh sizes of standard TEM grids are too large to support the sample. Continuous carbon films can also be a problem due to the fact that the thin film can inelastically scatter electrons and contribute to background noise. Holey carbon films therefore are a suitable alternative. Holey carbon films have holes of various sizes up to 100µm. In addition to providing support, the increased image contrast in the regions of the holes compared to regions of film is also of benefit. Typical applications include biological and materials science and cryo-TEM.

  • Available on copper, nickel and gold grids
  • 200, 300, 400 mesh grids
  • H7 finder grids
  • Available in grid boxes of 25 and 50