Grinding and Polishing Instruments

Manual Grinding and Polishing

The Saphir 320 is a single wheel and Saphir 330 is a double wheel grinder and polisher suitable for working wheels of ? 200 - 250 mm. The especially strong, speed-controlled drive allows application for all working steps. The shock-resistant plastic basin, powder-coated Aluminium housing and high standard of technology inside the unit lends itself to quiet and smooth running. Variable speed. Manual water valve. Basin rinsing. Incl. splashing ring and cover. 

Medium Semi-Automatic Grinding and Polishing

Saphir 520 with Rubin: This unit is easy to operate and has a wide range of possibilities. Sequence time, down-pressure, speed control, rotational direction, pneumatic lowering, single and central pressure as well as program saving are all available. Programmable memory. Automatic water solenoid. Basin rinsing. Incl. splashing ring and cover. Automatic dosing unit for 3 x diamond suspension and 1 x lubricant are optional. 

Large Semi-Automatic Grinding and Polishing

The Saphir 550 is a single wheel grinder and polisher with various grinding and polishing head versions, such as Rubin 520, 530 or 540 for working wheels ? 250 - 300 mm. Operation via touch-screen makes programming easy. Single and central pressure, memory function, integrated dosing system and material removed measurement are all possible.