JEOL JES-X3 Series Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectrometers

A new design of microwave unit. Much better sensitivity using ?High Sensitivity Mode?

Recently, it has been widely accepted that even relatively few unpaired electrons in a sample can affect the function of the material, so lower detection limits (higher sensitivity) is required of ESR measurements. JEOL RESONANCE has achieved higher sensitivity by developing a low-noise Gunn oscillator for its new spectrometer, the JES X3 series.

New functions for data acquisition and analysis enable a smooth transition from initial experiment selection to final detailed measurement.

  • New Auto-tuning that has better reproducibility and shorter tuning time.
  • Fully flexible sequential measurements including randomized values of parameters, e.g. sample temperature, microwave power, etc.
  • A foot operated trigger (option) to start data measurement can be used to minimize dead time after reagents are mixed to generate short lived radicals.

New Functions

  • Easy-to-use operation interface under Windows7?
  • Hands-free measurement start using foot switch.
  • Both progressive and randomized settings of sequential measurement parameters possible.
  • Improved display of multi-dimensional data.
  • Batch processing of sequentially measured data, including background subtraction.


  • For measuring radicals generated by photo-irradiation, the standard universal cavity has an optical irradiation window which has high transmittance.
  • High stability Auto-tuning.
  • Each attachment easy to attach and detach.