Confocal Microscopes

A1R+ Resonant Scanning Confocal Microscope

Equipped with both ultrafast resonant and high-resolution galvano scanners, A1R+ allows simultaneous photoactivation and imaging.

Capturing high-quality confocal images at ultrahigh-speed and enhanced sensitivity with a resonant scanner and galvano scanner, Nikon's A1R+ is a powerful tool for the imaging and visualization of intracellular dynamics and interaction.

The A1 ER enhanced resolution Module combines powerful GPU-based processing and specialized deconvolution algorithms to dramatically enhance the spatial resolution of your A1+ or A1R+ confocal microscope with minimal processing time. 

The A1 ER Module provides high quality PSF models for Nikon?s high performance objective lenses, taking the guesswork out of deconvolution analysis.  Other features include automatic or manual mode for iteration selection, enhanced spherical aberration correction, and robust algorithms for noise estimation and removal. 

With A1 ER your theoretical resolution is your practical resolution.

C2+ Confocal Microscope

An essential microscopy laboratory instrument

Built on a reputation of incredible stability coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2+ with its host of functions and various analytical capabilities is the perfect tool for a new microscope, or as a new accessory to a Nikon imaging system.

Now fully controlled by NIS-Elements imaging software, the system includes four channel confocal fluorescence imaging, and vastly expanded spectral capabilities with the ability to capture and unmix data acquired at any channel resolution across the entire detector bandwidth.