A New Generation of NOVA Surface Area and Pore Size Analysers

This high speed gas sorption system represents the next generation of NOVA analysers. The NOVAtouch? incorporates new features that increase analysis throughput and operator ease of use. Both the standard and the advanced LX models are offered with one, two, three, or four sample stations and five gas input ports to precisely match your analysis throughput requirements.

The NOVAtouch? has been designed with user ergonomics, speed, and efficiency in mind. This analyser is easily distinguishable in the surface area and pore size analysis world because of its full colour eye level touch screen. Using it, the operator has direct access to sample preparation and analysis protocols and real-time data. The instrument can be operated as a stand-alone unit, or can be remotely controlled (via Ethernet) from a PC using TouchWIN? software with an optional security-compliant PC version (21 CFR Part 11). Integral flow and vacuum sample preparation eliminates the need for external degassing equipment. Multi-step programmable heating profiles are also provided. Extended Dewar life needed to collect detailed adsorption and desorption isotherms for pore size distribution calculations is now achieved through a longer life Dewar.

Moreover, improved cryogen level control is now achieved using a proprietary level sensor that can be used with both liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. The standard model provides the essentials required by a busy surface area lab without losing any of the user conveniences or sample capacity. Thanks to its dedicated Po and backfill pressure transducers and its extended degassing capabilities (including individually programmable vacuum degassing for up to four samples simultaneously), the LX model provides a unique platform that is robust enough to serve the high throughput needs of QC/QA laboratories as well as the high adaptability demands of the most exacting R&D facilities.