Bench-Top Vacuum Evaporators

Thermal evaporation under high vacuum is an established method of depositing thin layers of metals and carbon. Typical applications include the production of support films and specimen replicas for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and many thin-film applications.

The K975X Turbo-Pumped Thermal Evaporator is an advanced, large chamber model and comes with a carbon rod gun and a metal filament/boat source. The entry level Q150T Turbo-Pumped Sputter/Carbon Coater (TE and TES versions) is a compact system, primarily designed for carbon deposition, but also has sputter coating capabilities.

The new Q150T is suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin film applications. It is available in three formats - as a sputter coater, carbon coater or both - and replaces previous models K575X and K950X.