Consumables kits

All our SEM Consumables Kits include a set of parts specifically chosen for each of the top SEM manufactures. A typical kit consists: filaments, pin stubs, stub storage boxes, gloves, Leit adhesive carbon tabs, silver paint, optical lens tissue, ink pen and double coated copper tape. These kits are designed for SEM technicians and users to keep SEM's up and running with a ready to use kit of the most commonly used parts. These cost effective SEM Consumables Kits are available for FEI, Hitachi, JEOL, TESCAN and Zeiss electron microscopes.


Agar tungsten filaments are made with specially designed jigs which ensure accuracy and reproducibility in production. High-ductility tungsten wire is used to minimise strain. All filaments are stress relieved by flashing in a vacuum at temperatures above the normal operating level, and are then checked for accuracy of centring. Filament assemblies having alignment screws are subsequently adjusted using a light microscope to ensure that they are ready for immediate operation in the electron microscope. We can also accept most types of filaments for repair provided the bases are in good condition. If the insulators need replacement, these will be changed (if available) and charged additionally to the standard cost for replacing the filament. Repaired filaments are given the same exacting care as our new filaments; all filaments are pre-flashed in a vacuum to promote stability in operation, and those filaments on bases provided with adjustment screws are subsequently re-centred under a light microscope. The filaments sent for repair must be in a suitable transit box or tube so that the repaired filaments can be returned safely.

Kimball Physics single crystal lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) cathodes are available for most makes of electron microscopes and other electron beam instruments where a suitable gun vacuum in the region of 10-7 Torr is attainable. The filament heater can then be driven by the normal power supply of the microscope.

For SEM applications, the higher brightness provides better imaging resolution and improved efficiency for microanalysis. For TEM, the low energy spread of the LaB6 filament is particularly advantageous for high resolution imaging. Alternatively, LaB6 filaments may be used where a long filament life is important; lifetimes in excess of six months continuous operation are regularly achieved.

Mounting tabs & adhesives

Agar offers a range of temporary and permanent methods for sticking specimens to supports for viewing in the SEM.

Specimen stubs & mounts

Agar Scientific supply and stock a comprehensive range of SEM specimen stubs for a wide range of instruments including: Amray, Cambridge Analysis, Cambridge, Deben, FEI-ESEM, Hitachi, ISI/ABT/Topcon, JEOL, LEO/Cambridge, FEI/Philips, Camscan, TESCAN, Zeiss and LEO/Zeiss. In addition to standard pin stubs other shapes include: angled stubs, cylinder stubs, low profile pin stubs and M4 threaded stubs. The majority of stubs are machined from free cutting aluminium with some also available in high purity aluminium, brass, carbon or copper.