Flash Diffusivity Analysers

Discovery Laser Flash DLF 1600

The Discovery Laser Flash DLF 1600 is an advanced freestanding instrument for the measurement of thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of materials from room temperature to 1600°C. The distinctive design incorporates a proprietary laser, laser optics, detector, and furnace technologies, and along with the unique patented high purity alumina five-position sample carousel, ensures unprecedented measurement accuracy and sample throughput. With the ability to be operated in a variety of atmospheric conditions, including air, inert gas, or under vacuum, the DLF 1600 can characterize a wide variety of materials including polymers, ceramics, carbons, graphite, composites, glasses, metals, and alloys.

Discovery Xenon Flash DXF 500

The Discovery Xenon Flash DXF 500 platform features a patented High-Speed Xenon-pulse Delivery™ source (HSXD) and an anamorphic multi-faceted Light Pipe™. Together, these optics deliver a light pulse of unsurpassed power and uniform intensity to the specimen, while preventing sample holder over-flash. The TA Instruments High-energy Xenon design is capable of testing samples up to a diameter of 25.4 mm over a temperature range from ambient to 500°C. The use of large samples diminishes errors associated with inhomogeneity and permits representative measurements of poorly dispersed composites. The DXF platform is designed for research and development programs as well as production control.