Pathfinder? X-ray Microanalysis Software

Improve your electron microscopy analysis with Thermo Scientific? Pathfinder? X-ray Microanalysis Software for SEM/EDS and SEM/WDS analysis. Pathfinder is the newest tool made for efficient and comprehensive microscopic analysis. 

Built on time-tested X-ray characterization tools and modern Spectral Imaging data acquisitions, Pathfinder software eliminates time-consuming and subjective elemental analysis by employing proprietary principal component analysis software routines that rapidly display the chemical composition of your sample. A conclusive analysis can be performed in under a minute.

Pathfinder software excels at characterizing known materials, as well as discovering unknown features or contaminants. Because Pathfinder scours Spectral Imaging data pixel by pixel, Pathfinder software can find minor or trace elements within even the most complex matrix. Our unique set of 29 image filters provide new data enhancement tools to provide you with the clearest, most understandable picture of your SEM/EDS and SEM/WDS data.


Seamless user interface with full 64-bit operating system.

  • ?Quick start? modes and user-developed power modes
  • The full range of data acquisition techniques: Spectrum, Point mode, linescan and mapping with  Spectral Imaging
  • Automatic peak ID and quantification, with or without standards
  • Advanced algorithms for background subtraction, peak deconvolution and quantitative analysis for outstanding accuracy in data analysis
  • Single-click data reporting Unlimited off-microscope site license and full compatibility with internal data servers that enables a truly ?take your data anywhere? approach for off-line data analysis.

Alpine Key

  • Calculates and displays live-time quantitative maps as the data is acquired
  • Batch extractions support 2D and 3D mosaic capability
  • Automated Drift Compensation based on advanced FFT algorithm
  • Advanced Spectral Match database for automatic spectral identification.


  • Requires very little data with complex phase maps completed in less than a minute
  • Locates minor or trace elements within even the most complex matrices, finding needle in a haystack features 
  • Utilizes spatial deconvolution, spectra are automatically optimized for a more confident analysis
  • Completely automated and programmatic, providing the one and only unmistakable answer to your analysis each time your run.


  • 29 unique X-ray imaging filters for smoothing, edge-finding, sharpening and erosion/dilation
  • Fully automating the analysis for multi-frame mapping, stage-motion line scans and multi-point analysis
  • Efficient collection of very large area maps.