With the apyron imaging system you will be prepared to explore beyond the established frontiers of your field. It has been developed to overcome the boundary between ease-of-use and ultimate capability in Raman Imaging. Equipped with this seamless versatility, your creativity can be fully expressed.

When simplicity meets performance

As a member of the WITec product family, apyron sets the benchmark for automated Raman Imaging systems with excellent imaging qualities: outstanding spectral and spatial resolution, ultra-fast acquisition times, and exceptional signal sensitivity in combination with automated system configurations and intuitive measurement procedures. 

When high-resolution imaging meets high-resolution spectroscopy

Ultrahigh-throughput spectrometers provide unprecedented spectral resolution, detailed spectral information at every image pixel and the highest Raman signal sensitivity. 

apyron is the ideal Raman imaging system for:

  • Multi-user labs accomodating varied user skills and requirements
  • Industry labs with recurring experimental scenarios and an emphasis on time-critical turnover
  • Raman newcomers with advanced imaging requirements
  • Leading Raman spectroscopists seeking the next performance benchmark