The WITec product portfolio includes imaging systems for Raman, AFM and SNOM analysis as single technique solutions as well as correlative imaging configurations.

All WITec microscopes are high-quality modular systems with exceptional optical throughput, unparalleled signal sensitivity and outstanding imaging capabilities.
Their various specifications range from advanced though budget-conscious microscopes to high-end instruments at the very cutting edge of available technology. The common thread throughout is that all systems are based on the same hardware architecture. Whenever required it is possible to simply upgrade any system, even the most basic, with additional features and equipment, allowing our customers to keep pace with future challenges.

Products include:

  • alpha300 series: advanced imaging systems for Raman, AFM and SNOM (standard or correlative)
  • alpha300 access: basic Raman microscope
  • apyron: fully automated Raman imaging system
  • RISE: correlative Raman- and Scanning Electron (SEM) microscope